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Parental Quiz

This morning, it was my turn to take the little one to his baby-sitter. I also had to get myself ready to work. So I carefully assembled his favorite toys, play-pad, and set them up for him. He can barely army-crawl (more like army-drag) so I wanted to make them easily reachable so he could keep himself occupied  while I showered, brushed my teeth, and got dressed.

So here’s the set-up:


Now, here is my question to you other young parents out there.

Reflecting on your own parenting experiences, what do you think my little guy will do with a convenient set-up like this? Which item in this picture do you think an almost-crawling, 8-9 month old would focus on first?

Perhaps the beautiful, colorful, and multi-lingual piano, complete with multiple instrument options, a spinning plastic cage of multi-colored marbles, and varying volume levels? Would this keep your child busy?


Or maybe this thing, whatever it is, which lights up, plays songs, and sounds like you are shaking a bean bag? Would this help your little one pass the time?


Or perhaps your child will go for the keys which are “supposed to be like daddy’s keys–but they are ridiculously colored, and we don’t run around the house growling from frustration when we can’t find them?”


Or maybe just one of the hanging, psychodelic, A.D.D. inducing items hanging from the play-pad? Some of them even make noises. Would your child zone in on these? Maybe a combination of all 4 of these listed items?



I practically have Disneyland in this little hallway, right? Enough for my child to be entertained for hours…..right?



This is what he went to first:



He exerted every muscle in his body to claw, scratch, and drag himself past all of the toys to grab that towel hook, then banged it on the tile for the entire time I was in the shower, all while chomping on that installation manual. I’m just glad I didn’t leave the sheetrock screws lying on the ground.

Seriously. Why do I buy toys?


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  1. He’s a smart kid!

    • Craig

       /  February 13, 2012

      Dang right he is! He’s also unusually coordinated… ok, maybe not for his AGE per se, since he isn’t crawling super-early or anything, but his hand-eye is fantastic. Especially when he shoots his hand to grab a fist-full of mashed potatoes. Lightning quick!


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