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The latest anti-Mitt advertisements

I’m voting for Mitt Romney for one major reason, and it’s not because he and I both happen to be Mormon.

I’m voting for Mitt because out of all of the candidates, he has the best record of turning organizations around.

That is what he did for years at Bain Capital. He then went on to improve the budget as Governor of Massachusetts. He next took over as the leader of the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, which was embroiled in scandal and deeply in debt. He turned it around to not only become profitable, but turn it into what was arguably one of the most organized, cleanest, and safest Olympics in history–especially important, considering the extra security precautions needed just months after 9/11.

As a professional,  he has had decades of experience turning organizations around, and helping them operate more efficiently.

But in order to make an organization efficient, you sometimes have to remove what is inefficient–which can sometimes be poorly performing employees, entire departments, or unprofitable portions of the company. He had to cut wasteful spending, sometimes resulting in pay decreases and even job losses. As heartbreaking as it is to be laid off (I’ve been there), it is the built in risk of being an employee, and it is an unavoidable byproduct of  a free market economic system.

And what were the results? Nimble, profitable, well organized companies.

Stick with me here because I’m going on a voyage to dreamville–but wouldn’t it be GREAT if someone could go in and clean up the Federal Government excess, the same way Bain Capital cleaned up corporations?  Wouldn’t it be fantastic if someone actually could cut excessive government spending?  Is it too much of a stretch to surmise that someone who has decades of experience doing that very thing in the private sector would be more likely to have success as President than someone who hadn’t ever actually turned a company around?

I know that would result in the lay-offs of several hundred thousand employees, and the mere suggestion of that being a positive thing makes me sound ruthless–maybe even “more ruthless than Wall Street”, the description given to Mitt by the “Winning Our Future” Super PAC (it must be “winning” the future of government employees–not the private sector).

But our federal government has become so embarrassingly bloated, so wasteful, and so incredibly inept at doing anything, we NEED a person in the White House who can turn it around, the same way the upside-down 2002 Winter Olympics were turned around. Yes, some people would lose their jobs. Yes, that would result in a lot of tears, hand wringing, and bitterness. But who is paying for those jobs? I am. You are. We all are. Do you want to continue to pay for all of that excess? I sure don’t.

This is why I’m so baffled by the latest “you don’t know Mitt” commercials that are bombarding the airwaves. It is absurd to me that his Republican rivals, primarily Rick “oopsie daisy” Perry and “Mr. Omniscient” Newt Gingrich are criticizing Romney’s business success–calling him a “vulture capitalist”, and citing only the  lay-offs instead of the overwhelming job creation from companies like Staples or Sports Authority.

You’d expect that kind of envy-criticism and anti-capitalism attitude from the left, but never from fellow Republicans.  What are they trying to say, that we’d be better off with someone who WON’T make cuts where needed?

So count me among those Republicans who have defended Mitt Romney. To quote Rudy Giuliani, who said to the Fox News Channel: “I’m shocked at what they are doing. I’m going to say it’s ignorant. Dumb. It’s building something we should be fighting — ignorance of the American economic system.”

I applaud the fact that he and Bain Capital were able to trim down companies, turn them around, and make them productive. I only hope he gets the chance to do the same for our Federal Government.

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