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What I’ve been reading

Ok, after the post on TV shows–I thought it would be good to type up a post on what I am reading currently…so  you all don’t think I’m a total couch potato. Or should I say, so you “both” don’t think I’m a total couch potato.

I recently read The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly. Liked it, so I saw the movie… Pretty good adaptation of the book. I liked the character Connelly created,  so I read”The Fifth Witness“, another Lincoln Lawyer book. Pretty good as well, and it is about the mortgage/foreclosure mess that is going on right now, so it was really interesting to me. In the book, he mentions a character named Harry Bosch, who is a detective, and from a list of other books by the author, it looks like Connelly has written a bunch of  Lincoln Lawyer books, as well as some Harry Bosch books, but then he’s created some Lincoln Lawyer/Harry Bosch books. I really like it when authors create their own world with intertwining characters like that, so I decided to pick up “9 Dragons”, a Harry Bosch novel that isn’t actually about dragons (I know one of my 2 readers is now significantly less interested). NOT good. In fact, the ending pretty much pissed me off. It was really frustrating how he tied everything together. So I don’t recommend that one.

Now, I’m reading “Term Limits” by Vince Flynn. It is a political thriller set in Washington DC. 3 senators are  murdered within 5 hours of one another by some professional hit men, who also send a message to the major TV networks citing the following quote from The Declaration of Independence:

“…. Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers form the Consent of the Governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government… it is their Right, it is their Duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future Security.”

The political setting for the book is a rising national debt, over-inflated government spending, and the president is trying to pass a new budget–but it is laden with pork (sound familiar???), including billions of dollars for outdated programs (like a division dedicated to providing electricity to rural America–the recipient of a half-billion dollars, yet everywhere in America has electricity).

So far it is a great read. I’ve read books by Vince Flynn before, and liked them–now I’m trying to read all of them in order, so I’m starting with what I believe is his first book, and where he introduces a lot of characters involved in his “Mitch Rapp series“. Plus I really am feeling skeptical about politicians lately, and all of the tomfoolery and shenanigans that are going on in Washington, so it’s nice to read a book that is about that subject–and about some people taking action (though no, I don’t advocate the actions they took.)

Anyway, I’ll give the full review when I’m finished–I’m about 80 pages in or so.

Other than that, I’m reading a book on public speaking, called “As We Speak”, by Peter Myers and Shann Nix. Pretty good, and since I work in sales, very appicable to my job.

What books are you reading? Would you recommend them?

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  1. Your sis

     /  November 21, 2011

    What no actual DRAGONS in it!?! I am definitely significantly less interested! So disappointing! 😀

    Me, I’m just trying to be able to READ. Chemo weeks are hard weeks for reading. It makes me dizzy so if I DO read, it’s a book I’ve already read 20 times so I know what’s happening and don’t have to concentrate so hard. Recovery weeks are easier.

    • Craig

       /  November 25, 2011

      I’d imagine you without reading is pretty unsettling!! That is a lifelong habit…. You going through withdrawals?

  2. I hope you are counting me as one of those two people. It shows up on the side of my blog now when you put up a new post, which makes it so I am much more likely to read it…

  3. Oh, and speaking of dragons, I am reading the last of the Eragon series, good so far. After that I will read “The Help” as so many have read it and liked it.

    • Craig

       /  November 25, 2011

      Ange is trying to get me to go see “The Help”. Don’t think I’ll read it, but I am interested in seeing it! What classics have you been reading? I know you have read a ton lately!


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