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Sometimes it’s fun to watch people backpedal

Today I had two cortizone injections into my spine in order to reduce the swelling so I can work out with less pain, and hopefully strengthen that whole area. I chose “full sedation”, because, well, I don’t want to be alert while someone is fishing a catheter up my spine–or anywhere, for that matter. So out I went.

I woke up to some really nice nurses (In my sedated state, I thought one of them was so nice, I actually offered her a job at The Chocolate–true story) who escorted me back to my chair where I could take off the robe and put my shirt back on. I went home, slept off the sedation, and went to work, where I wasn’t 100% with it, but I wasn’t super out of it either.

Anyway, I must not have looked like my usual peppy self, because my co-worker, Ken, looked over at me and said “hey man, everything ok?” I got up, walked over to his desk and said, “I got a couple of cortizone shots today, to take down the swelling in my back so I can reduce some backpain.”

He looked at me, and I kid you not, blurted out the following:

“You need to lose weight!”

Of course he could have said something like, “oh man, you ok?” or, “how did that feel?” or, “what is wrong with your back?” but he chose to say I needed to shed some LBs.

I paused, cocked my head to the side, and said, “Well, thanks Ken….for not only showing concern, but also destroying my self esteem….”

Now, Ken and I are friends. I took no offense at it AT ALL. I know I could shed a few, but I thought it was HILARIOUS to watch him backpedal. And boy did he ever…

Have you ever had something like that happen, where someone misspoke, and you took a little guilty pleasure in watching them backpedal?

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  1. Your sis

     /  November 9, 2011

    HA! Been there, done that. Including the backpedaling. Too too funny!

  2. I never have to backpedal, as I have never made a mistake…oh, wait, except for that once…and then there was this other time…and then that other time–

    Nevermind. I often have to backpedal.

    Now go get back on that treadmill. You have weight to lose.

  3. Jeremy Lee

     /  November 17, 2011

    I think I come off as just stupid enough that no one expects a back pedal out of me. They just say well that’s Jeremy and they have something to talk about with people when I’m not there. Good times.


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