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My review on a few new TV shows

This post is going to reveal a horrible weakness of mine. I watch WAY TOO MUCH TV.

There it is. Now, that being said, the Mrs. and I have given several new shows a try–thinking that we needed a new crime drama, a new comedy, and a new “other” kind of show to get into. So, we set up the DVR to record just about every new show, and have given as many of them as possible a trial run. I’m going to give my personal opinion of what we have seen so far–and since the phrase “The good, the bad, and the ugly” is way overused, I’m going to use the much more concise and articulate: “They lived up to/exceeded expectations, The pleasantly surprised, the meh, and the gosh-awful”.

The “lived up to expectations”:

The New Girl

Zooey, Zooey, Zooey. You are hilarious. This show has the potential to be a disaster, but because she is so funny, awkward, and to use their word, “adorkable”, it works. Plus, she often sings her thoughts, and because I’m married to a woman who often sings her thoughts, it is particularly funny. I highly recommend it.  It’s basically the story about an awkward girl who moves in with 3 best pals. I think she found out about the opening through craigslist or something. But anyway, it’s funny.

Up All Night

This is the show that essentially chronicles all of the funny moments of raising a baby through the eyes of the “cool couple”, played by Will Arnett and Christina Applegate. It includes every single one of of those “I never thought of this when I envisioned parenthood” moments. It could be that Up All Night is funny to me because we have a new baby too, so all of their little struggles and awkward moments are things I’m living through now. Like the herculean strength that a 16 lb baby can have when you are changing their diaper, or how you sort of still think you can do the things you used to be able to do before when you were kidless. But also, seeing Will Arnett be a stay-at-home dad, and how when our little Mac (his online nickname) was born, I took my 5 months off as my paternity leave… At any rate, it could be that we identify with this show, or it could be that it is legitimately funny, but I recommend it.


I know this isn’t new, but I’m throwing it in anyway. Basically, it’s my blog, and I can do whatever I want. Justified kicks some serious butt. It’s a western, wrapped up in a white trash Kentucky town. I love it. The Mrs. hasn’t watched a single epside, but this is my “can’t go to sleep, so I better watch a few episodes” show….though it does nothing to put me to sleep. It’s just awesome. Watch it.

The pleasantly surprised:

Once Upon a Time

I kind of just took one for the team when I sat down to watch this show. I didn’t really have any expectations, other than I knew it was about fairy tale characters. The acting isn’t superb (well, mostly just the kid actor, but who really cares how well the kid actor does), but the theme of the show is really intriguing. Basically, it’s about a town called “StoryBrook” in Maine, which is inhabited by all of the famous fairy tale characters, who are living ordinary, every day lives with their memories of their fairy tales having been wiped out from a spell which was given by that witch who gave the poisoned apples to Snow White. Anyway, there’s way more to it, but it’s getting late, and I have another episode of Justified to watch. But check it out. It’s a really fun show, makes you feel a little bit like you are a kid again, listening to fairy tales.


Revenge has captivated me more and more each week. It is a modern day “Count of Monte Cristo”, told through the eyes of a young lady whose father was wrongfully put in jail by some uppity hampty-hampton types. So she returns with a different name, and wreaks havoc on their arrogant, presumptuous lives. It has a ton of story lines that keep you coming back for more, even though the acting is sub-par, and it seems that every scene is filmed in front of a blue screen. Based on the storyline, you think that is is going to be a 8 episode mini-series, I mean, at some point, doesn’t she destroy EVERYONE’S lives who ruined her father’s?  But the show just got renewed for another season, so maybe revenge will continue on and on. She’s pretty creative about her vengeance though, and it keeps the show interesting.

The “Meh”

Prime Suspect

You know the show has had a rough start if they are trying to advertise the show with quotes that basically say, “Hey, come give this show another shot, I promise it’s getting better.” I was reading a magazine on the flight back from San Diego, and there was an ad for Prime Suspect that was FILLED with those kinds of quotes. One literally said something like, “Forget that scathing review I gave of Prime Suspect, it’s getting better–go check it out.”  Plus, in the most recent photos, she has ditched the cheap, gas-stationy black fedora… so I wonder if someone clued them in on how dorky that looked.  I just can’t get behind this show. As far as I understand, it’s just a tough blond chick in a fedora, who likes to be tough, and pretty.

Person of Interest:

This show has a cool premise. Basically, the government has this machine that compiles all of our texts, phone conversations, and any facial expressions caught on camera, and using an algorythm, predicts with pretty good accuracy who is about to commit a crime. It is originally used to predict terrorist events, but these guys use it to predict individuals who are about to murder someone, and then stop them. Jim Cazievel is the lead—who you may know from Passion of the Christ, and Count of Monte Cristo.  Just knowing that he played the part of Jesus made me a little reluctant to criticize him, but after a few episodes, his whisper talking started to drive me crazy. But other than the whisper talking, it’s pretty good.

The Gosh-Awful:


NBC’s Whitney is a terrible, terrible, terrible show. I guess it’s about Whitney (played by Whitney–but seriously, is she famous? Is she some really funny female comedian that I’m not aware of, and this is 2011’s version of Seinfeld?) and her super hilarious life as a newly wed. I’ve tried to make it through an entire episode, but I can’t. The characters are so incredibly annoying… and there is a laugh track. A laugh track. What is this, 1998? Why do shows still have laugh tracks? And because they engage the laugh track during not-funny times, I feel like I’m watching the Flinstones. Haven’t NBC’s hit comedies 30 Rock, The Office, and Parks and Rec PROVEN than you can have extremely funny shows without laugh tracks? Please stop this show.

And finally, 2 Broke Girls

Storyline–2 broke girls who are waitresses live together. Forced, desperate comedy ensues. I read review that said 2 Broke Girls was supposed to be this comedic gold, and it is anything but.  It is terrible. It’s one of those shows where the character (brunette) posesses this ability to have the ultimate comeback to EVERYTHING, which is always brilliant, well timed, and is a play on words. There was one scene where the brunette chases a couple out onto the sidewalk and rips the guy a new one because he didn’t leave a big enough tip at the diner where they work. As a food-business owner, I’d fire them on the spot for something like that, so the whole scene bugged the crap out of me.  Then the blonde one, is totally ditzy, and a trust fund daughter of some billionaire. (not sure why she’s a “broke girl”, but I haven’t watched that much to know the backstory). It’s just bad. Don’t waste your time. Unless you want another laugh track show.

There it is, my first TV review… Anyone else watch any of these shows? What do you think about them?

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  1. Wow. You watch a lot of shows.

    New Girl: Love it. But what happened to the sporty black dude from the first episode? Suddenly he’s gone in episode two and we get basketball sporty dude from Latvia? (or via Latvia?)

    Justice: Been hearing good things. Gonna have to pick it up.

    Once Upon A Time: Ditto.

    Up All Night: It bombed with us though there were moments of brilliance. It had too many of those “what human being would be that stupid” mixed in with the “been there, done that” moments that every parent knows.

    And that’s all I’ve got to say about that.

    • Craig

       /  November 25, 2011

      New girl: Good question… he just kind of disappeared. I think that show is getting better with time though.

      Up all Night: Yes, there are some bomb moments, for sure.

      P.S. I’m reading and writing far more, these are the “new shows” we thought we’d check out… but yeah, I’ve been too much of a couch potato lately.

  2. Jeremy Lee

     /  November 17, 2011

    Holy crap that’s a lot of tv for sure, you should be writing a book instead. jk do what you want but at the writers club we know to accept no excuses! lol I have not scene any of those except part of ever after or whatever it was. I must take this opportunity to say Psych is killer funny this season I have only caught the two that are available on line but toooooo funny!

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