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What would life be like without the Internet?

The year was 1994. I was sitting in my dad’s office, and he was explaining to me an interesting new concept, “The Internet.”

I distinctly remember him saying something like, “it is just endless access to information. There are countless pages out there, some of them nonsense, some of them true and informative. Be careful, you can waste a lot of time out there.”

Here I was,  a freshman in college, interested in nothing but girls, already thinking that college–by itself, was overrun with “information”. Why would I want more access to information? That literally seemed like the most useless, pointless invention ever. It felt like it was the computer nerd’s chance to move the library to their home computer, without the interesting fiction books.  So I remember thinking What in the world would I ever use that for? I already have an encyclopedia, and I don’t ever use that. And I go to class for “information” This new internet idea seems pretty pointless.

Well, 17 years have passed, and boy have I been proven wrong. I use it every day.  I honestly can’t imagine life without it. Just today I was reminded of one of the crowning achievements of the Internet, to provide us with content such as this:

Go on, thank me. But my point is proven. The Internet is completely necessary part of life. I was foolish for ever thinking anything different.

For another first look at the Internet, look back at this video of the Today Show:

What do you remember when you first heard about the Internet?

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