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[Sales] Look at the top performers

One of my core life philosophies, is that if there are a lot of people who are successful at something, I can be too. If only one person is succeeding, he might be a freak of nature. But if a lot of people are able to do it, in fact if the top 10% of people are able to do it, then I firmly believe I can too. When I first looked into joining the very first sales floor I worked at, I looked at the sales board. I looked for the top numbers and did the math in my mind as to how much they were making. They were making more money in a week than I had made in a month!

Right after I went through training, I focused on the top performers, and what they were doing. I looked at how many calls per day they were doing, and at what times during the day. I even interviewed many of them, and asked them all kinds of questions. Things like how did they like their jobs, how did they think about their leads. I went to them for continual mentoring and training until I was a top performer too–and even continued to learn from them well after my numbers surpassed them.

I look back on that time, and I don’t even remember there being any small numbers on that sales board. I’m sure there were, but I didn’t notice them. The thought never entered my mind of “well, worse case scenario, I could at least do as well as THAT guy”, because I’m sure “that guy” was probably not making anything. I’ve never seen the point of focusing on or going after the bottom performers, and you shouldn’t either.

When you look at your sales boards and quarterly or 6-week averages, don’t look at the bottom feeders’ numbers thinking “well, at least I’m better than him.” Look only at the top performers, and resolve to be a part of where they are. Make sure that every second of every day, every ounce of energy you can muster is put into being a top performer. Learn from them. Interview them. Take them to lunch. Spend time with them and their success will spread to you. When you are frustrated, discouraged, or just feel like you’re in a slump–stay away from the bottom feeders. Do you honestly think they can help you?? They will only make it worse! Go to the top performers and their success and good attitude will do far more to help you.

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