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[Pop Culture] Quitting Facebook, starting a blog


Well, I finally did it. I pulled the plug.  I deactivated my Facebook acct and started a blog.

The idea came from a talk I heard a few days ago during General Conference about “the wise usage of time”. I’ve been considering abandoning Facebook for quite a while, but just haven’t pulled the trigger. Facebook, for me, is fun for many different reasons. It is a great tool to stay in touch with old friends, a great birthday and other events tracker, a great way to stay in touch with the goings on of family members,  and to let them know about mine. I banter old mission or college buddies, and share my thoughts on current events.

I’m a news junkie, and really like frequently changing, dynamic content–so I routinely check sites like msn, cnn, foxnews, drudge, espn, and fox sports for new content. Facebook has become a site I also check frequently, for “friend news”, and the idea of quitting, though I knew it would be a good thing, always felt like I was leaving a fun party to go home and go to bed early.

But the bottom line is, I waste too much time, and very little of it furthers my growth and development as a husband, father, and business owner.

So I decided to shut it down. I’m not proposing that everyone do it, I know that Facebook has dramatically altered the way many of you communicate, but it has become a significant time waster for me. So here I am, starting a blog–at the time when it seems most blogs are declining in readership. Why? Because I enjoy writing. I always have.

I think something happens when you write with the intent of it being published. Anyone can come along and comment, ridicule, or praise–so I think the act of writing in a public forum automatically ads some pressure for quality. So if nothing else, hopefully this blog and the goal of including something every day will improve my writing abilities.

So welcome to my new blog.

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